To maintain and to remain.  A challenge which we have all seen.  Maintain a feeling and maintain a high.  Maintain this smile before it turns into a cry.  Maintain a connection between two of your closest friends.  Maintain the garden, and the house which we live in. A word which can be used in so many ways.  We must maintain ourselves each and every day. Keep on going and you’ll find your way

Maintain your happiness and maintain your passion.  Do things for love and joy, because boy life sure is passing. These words I am saying, are they words that I am living?  Each day I am reminded of the soul that I am given. I maintain it through the words and songs in my head. Soon I will share more with you, there is much to be said. I’ve learned how to say them and I have maintained my tone.  I have learned new ways. New directions I have been shown. You are where you came from.  Don’t lose it.

I’ve maintained my old ways and the things that make me me.  I have been changing and have found a new way to be. Maintain the old, and leave room for the new. Keep on maintaining yourself, and always do you.


Become the person you have always dreamed of being.  The road to get there is never ending, and the future is what you will always be seeing.  The person you can become, the choices are infinite.  A hippie musician down one road, or a doctor if I lived a bit different.  Own the road you take and always love living it.  I could turn left or I could turn right. I can be superman by day, or even batman by night. A songwriter in the evening, and a businessman by dayYou can become whatever you want to be.

Become what you want, and always live by the words you say. Always speak truthful and never tell lies. I’ve learned this the hard way, yes it took me a few tries.  I’m becoming the person that I have wanted to be. It has taken me years to finally discover me. I am becoming this version, the one that I have discovered now.  I will take it with me to each and every new town.Don’t get lost looking for you.

Never lose what you’ve become. Changes are always good. You will come across bad ones and turn them into good.  Make changes for the better, and change for yourself. Become the person you want to be, even if that is Santa Clause or one of his little elves.

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