I took a week off from the word, and have posted two below.  The first word, watches, is from a book titled “That’s not a feeling.”  The second word, species, is from a book titled “The trees that made Britain”

Watches – Weekly Word 1 


A word with many meanings, and a word with many ways.  Watches tell time, and we watch the things we say. Time is always passing and we watch the time pass.  Does time watch us as we grow like blades of grass? A watch has two hands just like you and I. Does a watch ever stare into the distance and wonder why.  Watch the watch and nothing is what you will discover.  Friends will pass by and maybe even your best lover. Do we tell time, or does time tell us?

A match made in heaven, is that such a thing?  If you watch a phone, will it ever ring? Watch what matters, and watch what makes sense. Don’t get caught up in all of life’s nonsense.  Life is full of mystery and love is full of wander.  How we created the watch is even something I ponder. We created time, and time created ways.  Shortly after time, we started naming days. One was not enough, so we added 6 more. Who designed this structure and what is it for? 

Who made this design?

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, oh wait lets stop there. I don’t like this design when there are days for which I have no care. A life living for the weekend.  We watch the watch, and time sure flies by. Watch out for what’s important, and the watches time won’t matter when you die.  


Species -Weekly word 2


A word that has little rhyme.  We are the human species, a unique and special design.  Survival of the fittest, not really a game we play. We used to do it before, but definitely not today.  We say it in comparison to the smallest things in life. Living in a world where everything is ranked from 1-5.  Five stars for this, and four stars for that.  A constant need for information. What’s this?  What’s that?  A species so developed, yet a species so behind.Where are we going?  Where do we want to go?

A species that is walking on the thinnest of lines.  What are we to do and where are we go to? All going different directions, does anyone really know?  A species that has pushed others to be extinct.  One day that will be us. What do you think? We think we are on top, is that really true?  What lies behind the clouds, and why is the sky always blue?

Are we alone?  Does it feel that way?

We are not alone, but no one stops by to say hello.  Who else is out there, and are friends or are they foes? A question which will remain unanswered for some time. Will we ever know the reason for life’s design?  Define your existence, and define why you are here.   Do good things for your species. Bring the biggest of smiles and joyous tears.

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