Good Morning Friends!  Today’s weekly word was pulled out of book called “A brief illustration of Romania” by Neagu Djuvara.  Hope you enjoy this short session and have a lovely Thursday.

]Vague days and sunshine rays.

Vague days and sunshine rays.  Finding myself caught back in some old familiar ways.  Woke up in the morning with some love from back home. Feelings of a friendship, in my heart it is always sewn.  The vague mysterious morning sounds creep through my window The birds whistle by with a silent whisper of the wind.  When the wind blows, is she the speaker and me the listener? What will the wind tell me today? Will the messages be vague or will it’s intentions change form and take shape.  You are never really sure what the day may bring. It’s forthcomings are as vague as the words the birds sing. The birds sing to say hello and wave goodbye. The happiest whistles may even be the saddest cries.  They sing with their hearts and fly with their souls. Get out there today and tackle this vague unknown.

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