This weeks word is “Slouchers”  It comes from a book called Everything is Illuminated.  Great book.  Read it if you have the time.  I am in the process currently.

Why slouch when you can stand up straight?

Slouchers.  Slouchers are standers who do not stand up all the way.  The stay bent at an angle which may cause some dismay. Slouch in your life, and you can slouch away your passion.  A deadly mixture, don’t let it become your fashion. Stop slouching, start standing. Stand tall and smile wide. Break yourself from from that grewling, that grewling 9-5.  A slouch has no freedom and a slouch has no fun. A slouch is hiding himself from the shine of the sun. The sun is shining, and the moon is never gone. The streets are buzzing, and I am on the run.  No more slouching, no more shuffling, my mind is now standing tall. Keepin on looking forward, and the slouch will fall.

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