We as humans are either rising or falling.  If we are in-between are we really just stalling?  Stalling, standing, and waiting for new ways. Seconds, minutes and hours pass, sometimes even days.  Time keeps on ticking and your directions always change. Always searching for answers but only the unknown remains.  Rise for a reason and rise to do good. The toughest decisions made are the ones we know we should. Rising in the morning, and rising in the night.

Where do you rise from?  Where will you go?

Some fall with the moon, and others sunlight. I sought after the moon, but I found the sun. Falling with the stars, you are always on the run. Rise from your lows and always ride through your highs.  Ride them long and ride them with passion. Do not ever doubt yourself or you may be crashing. Do not ever doubt yourself.

You’ll fall to a new low where the only direction is up. Your glass is always half full even if you don’t have a cup.  Rise from the bottom, and work your way to the top. Keep moving forward and happiness will never stop. We’re rising through a journey and venturing through our lives. Searching for happiness, and for ourselves we always strive.

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