This weeks word is “Remembers”, and it is from a book called Before the colors fade by Harry Reasoner.  Written from the comfort of my mothers home. 

Remember the future, remember the past.

He remembers the memories that will forever last.  Thoughts of these quiet familiar roads, and oh how much I have grown.  Rooms and hallways that were once adventure lands to my young self are now just places of being.  Oh these changes I am seeing. I wander and lurk in this place I stay, trying to look at in in different ways.  Remembering the ways of how things had been, oh boy was that way back when. Times when I looked up to people and what they were doing.  Now I look inside myself, and analyze the goals I am pursuing. Goals with music, and dreams with my voice. When comes the age of 30 will be the dawn of a choice.  A choice to move on, and a choice to be. A time to remember the person I once wanted to be. Remember you and remember true.  Remember why and your path will be true.  

Here I am with my rasta banana 7 years ago 😉 


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