This weeks word is from a book called screw work, break free.  Funny enough, I had to purchase this book haha.  I guess its luster is still lingering and providing worth in my life.  Happy reading my friends!

Money can’t buy happiness.

Purchases have prices.  Prices for all these things to pay.  Money can’t buy happiness is that typical line they say.  A line which I agree with, but a line some can not understand.  Some folks judge a person by the depth of their pockets, and not by their mind or hands.  Can you purchase a smile? That is a question I am asking you. Can a dollar really make someone happy on a day they are feeling blue?  It may buy them something they like, but at the end of the day that feeling will no longer fly. Another line we all like to say – “there are some things money just can’t buy.”  Money can’t buy happiness, and money can-not buy dreams. Some say certain purchases give you the keys to these happy dreams. Keys they may give you, but will you find the right door?  Can a dollar buy a smile?

Or will it just be another purchase, another price, another dollar more. More purchases made and more desires spent. Would I be happier in a mansion or living in a tent? I’d probably choose a tent as my garden would then be the road.  There’s no need to purchase sunshine or the stars when they glow. Purchases may last forever, but their luster will one day fade. Money can sure buy lots of shit, but happiness it never may.Would I be happier in a mansion or living in a tent?

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