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This week’s word is buildup, and it is from a book called Good to Great. This book was written by a fella named Jim Collins. It is one of those how to not burn a business into the ground books. Enjoy!

This weeks weekly word is learning, and it is from a book called “Everything is Illuminated”  Read the poem below, or watch perform it live

[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Learning[/perfectpullquote]

Learning and turning through this world I spin.  Waking up each morning with a smile or grin.

The bells are ringing and the cars are whizzing by.  Another day of asking myself what and wondering why.

Questions left unanswered, mysteries boil in my veins.  Another morning I wake up.  Oh how I have changed.

Constant search for purpose. Fill my days to keep me sane.  Is life worth living, if your’e not driving in the fast lane

Of course it is, its glorious.  Of course it is, its great.  Today is November 22nd, in the year two zero one eight.

More Poetry Here!

[videopress 3XxMxpuS]

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