This week’s word comes from a little fun fact pull card gift I received for my birthday.  The word is learning, and the new fact I learned was that in the 1960’s, the CIA tried to spy on the Kremlin and Russian embassies by turning cats into listening devices.  The program called “Acoustic Kitty”, involved surgically implanting batteries, microphones, and antennae inside the cats.


Learning, yearning, an burning for change.  Always reaching for something that is just out  of range.  If I find it, will I know it? Will it keep it all for myself, or call upon the world and show it?  What you are seeking, you may never find. The days you want rain, you discover sunshine. The days you should be happy seem to have a frown.  Life is full of ups and downs.

Life has its up, and it sure has its downs. Downs to learn from, and downs that make you grow. Don’t ever doubt yourself, and let your ideas glow.  Let them shine, and let them prosper. Don’t settle for gold if you are looking for copper. Learning, listening, and finding new ways. Stare long inside yourself and try to navigate that maze.  A maze of ideas with turns going every which way. The thoughts you have right now may never remain. Go deep in the mind to find its rhyme

They will come, they will go. Some arrive fast, yet leave so slow. Some days may linger, while other days may run.  You’ll discover the moon if you keep chasing the sun. Learn and keep going, always remember to laugh. Smile and be happy because these times ain’t coming back.Enjoy the now, for it is not here tomorrow

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