Habits, we’ve all got them.  Some good and some bad. Habits always get repeated, and can be happy or sad.  I have a habit of doing things I can’t quite explain. A habit of wandering so much I’ve lost what keeps me sane.  During this time I wander, and ponder so far away. Gone for who knows how long, just to feel better, and not so far astray.

Habits of good and bad.  Feelings of happy and sad.

I have a good habit of finding all the good things along the way, paired with a bad one where I question the words I say. A habit to remind me that I am just a man.  No different than any other, or even a woman named Jan. A habit in the morning to wake and be a happy you. Start your day with a smile, even if you’re feeling a bit blue.

Start your morning right, and all will be glorious.A chug of water, a big deep breath, listen to some music, or even ask your dog to play fetch. A smile can last all day if you make it a routine. Leave the house all happy and with a soul that is super clean.


Commit to your decisions, and commit to what you say.  Own the choices you make every single day. You may question your actions, but don’t make that routine.  Outcomes are never certain, and the future is always unseen. Commit to yourself, and commit to being you. Find your happy place, and then bring others along too.  Commitment is such a strong word, and it scares some folks away. If it’s the right thing to commit to, it won’t ever be that way.Commit when you feel it and always trust your gut.

Commit to what feels good, and commit to what feels right.  If it’s not the perfect fit, do not pull it from your sight. The commitments that scare us are the ones that make us grow. They introduce you to yourself and allow your soul to grow. Fear is just happiness wearing a tricky disguise.

]It’s a devil in disguise.Hidden by commitment, and you can feel it all inside. A thin line to be crossed from happiness and fear. It’s like walking on a tightrope or dancing with a deer.  Commit to what you know, and to the things you wish were real. Commit to new good habits and always say what you feel.  

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