This weeks word is from a book called screw work break free.  I have used this book before.  The reason I have used this book is because I do not have many books haha.  I am not a studious reader, but I sure do love writing.  Interesting combo.


Following.  Oh this is a word that has changed.  A following used to resemble a leader, now it’s just an internet game.  The more you have, the cooler you are. This is the perception some have.  We spend more time on our phones than lounging in the sun or playing in the sand.  #followback #followme. I will never understand these things. How about I discover you, and you discover me.  This is as organic as the internet can be. We can’t shake hands, and we can’t say hello. We send each other messages with links of other places to go.  Places to hear me, places to see what I have done. Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool how far we’ve come, but don’t get so caught up in the mission for followers.  Life is nothing if you are not living in the moment and having fun.

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