#weeklyword – First

I’ve put me first, but that doesn’t mean you are second.

First come, first served.  I’m a few days late on this weekly word.  I may be late, but better now than never.  Day by day I am getting better.  Putting me first, but that doesn’t mean you are second.  I talk with myself first before asking others questions.  Reasoning with myself and bargaining on my own.  Gambling in my mind is a feeling I’ve always known.  No longer searching for answers to a story not yet written.  Live in the present moment first, whether you are standing or sittin’.  Livin,’ lovin’, laughin’, and crying.  Things  I do for myself first, no more wondering why n’.  Here I’m sitting and staring into this world I wander.  Day by day I live by my ponders.  I’m happy and I’m cruising, smiling all along the way.  First thing your must always remember, is that today is a brand new day.

Live in the present moment

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