This weeks word came from a billboard on the way to work.  They were promoting something extra and I was like man, we don’t need extra of anything but love! 

Extra, Extra read all about it, it’s the weekly word, and Ima gonna shout it (actually I’ll just type it!) Extra this, and extra that.  We say we need more of this, but we really need less of that.  Asking for more, and wanting it time and time again.  We’re living in the now, but wishing it was still then.  Extra time on my hands, and extra money in my pockets.  If you had the key to my heart, would you open it, or would you lock it?  Lock it up, and throw away the key.  One day I will find it, and again I will be me.  

Do you really need any extra?

Asking for extra seems like a selfish thing to say.  Remove it from your vocab, and live in a different way.  Live with what you got, and be happy with what you have.  Ask for extra smiles if you are ever feeling sad. Extra this, and extra that. Step back.  Just relax.

Extra ideas are fair things to desire.  Settle at your level, you don’t always need to be higher.  Be happy in this moment, and try to live in the now.  Watch out for others, and hear for those who don’t know sounds.  Use your eyes for those who can not see.  If you’re taller than someone, then behind them you should be.  Extra extra, were always wanting more.  Be happy with what you got, life’s not such a bore 🙂

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