To build up or to build down.  

Everything starts from the sky, and never from the ground.  

A buildup of pressure or a buildup of time, I release my buildups by making things rhyme.  

Day after day, things begin stacking together. My individual emotions slowly become one through all kinds of weather.  

A buildup of anticipation, oh how that can be great. Always find a way to transform love from hate

Anticipation of time, and anticipation of seeing.  Look inside yourself and always be believing.

Let the belief buildup, and one day you will suddenly grow. Release it slowly and these little changes will show.  

Both can be good and we all have our own ways.

Some let feelings build up for months, and some only for days. Days, weeks, years, and hours.

A buildup of time always results in spring flowers.  Buildup yourself, and build up each day. Move from the ground up and everything will be ok.

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