This weeks word is from a little book full of fun science facts! I landed the word bred, so here ya go 🙂

Bred for eating.

Bred is for breeding while this bread is for eating.  The people in the world, they are all for meeting. All of us bred from a time, a time long ago.  The mythical past that some of us claim to know. Where it all began, no one can be sure, but we keep on breeding and living life so pure.  From bred to dead, the first time I think that was said. Life in the beginning and changes throughout the years, breeding through happiness and breeding through the tears.  A challenge and a call, we breed them short and we breed them tall. Bred from others, but all of us are the same. Were all playing this silly life game. Bred from ones we never really know, we begin to understand them as we grow.  Bred from those that show you their ways. Show them the right ones and give them happy days. Give them happy days.

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