Asked.  I’ve asked myself questions, many out of the blue.  I’ve even asked myself “who are you?” A question we all have, but an answer that remains unknown.  Many versions of ourselves, I’ve asked which one should be shown. Which face will I reveal, and which smile will I disguise.  Have you asked yourselves these questions and ever wondered why?Which me should I be?  Can’t I just be me?

I’ve asked many people “what do you think?” Some answer with a question, their thoughts are not complete.  You’ve asked me before, and I will tell you again. Ask yourself questions, and reveal what is within. Reveal what is hidden and show what others do not see. Make yourself discoverable, it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.  Easier said than done is a line we always say. The things you don’t do, have you asked yourself why you stray? Why do you stray and where do you drift? What lies within?  Will it stay there or will you give in?

We are all searching for something to bring us a little lift. A little rise in our smile, and a little pep in our step.  A pick me up doesn’t take much, sometimes it’s just saying “yep.” Yep to you, and yep to me, I have asked you many times, what is it you seek? Where are you searching and where does your mind go. I’ve asked myself questions so things do not remain unknown.Talk to yourself, the crazy ones are silent.

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