Page 147.  This week’s word is from a book called The hare with amber eyes by Edmund De Waal.  It was pulled from page 147 if anyone owns this book and so desires to check!


Artists.  Is that what we all are?  We’ve got singers, painters, poets, and many other shining stars.  We are all artists, and our art comes in many forms. Words, chords, dances, and colors, but don’t forget the ones who chase the storms.  Art can be created, and art can also be found. The veins on rocks, the way the sea talks, but don’t forget the sky and its thunderous sounds.  Art is everything, and everything is art.

A chef in the kitchen, and a farmer in the field. Both of them artists designing our next meals. A doctor in the hospital, or a performer in the street, both of them artists with beautiful hearts that beat.   The ones who study the earth, scientists I do say. Science is an artform and instruments they do play. Microscopes and telescopes to view atoms and the stars. Don’t forget the astronomers studying the galaxy afar.

Art from the sky, and art from the ground.

The folks who deal with numbers and the ones who teach our youth. Both of them are artists, but don’t forget the dentist that may have to pull your tooth. Our friends who take pictures of moments happy and sad. Capturing all the emotions.  All the good, and all the bad. We are all artists with creations that may vary. Keep on creating what you love and life won’t be too scary.We are all artists, and we are all friends.  Keep on creating until the very end.

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