This weeks word came from the handy science answer book. Page 214.  Paragraph 4.  Line 6.  Word 11.

We say our appearance defines us.

Appearance.   We say our appearance defines us.  Does how we look define how we feel?  Does our appearance make our feelings real?  They are two independent traits. Both act solely on their own.  Are you happy in the ways you appear? What are the places you call home.   Our appearance is adjusted, sometimes based on the day. Be yourself.  Be Nobody else.

We change the way we dress depending on how the weather behaves.  Do you adjust your appearance at attempts to look like them? Be yourself and stay true to your souls stem. If you are happy, then feel it so.  If you are sad, there is no problem in letting it show. Tears make your stronger and smiles make you laugh.Be the person that you wanna be.

Don’t let your appearances define your path.  Your voice defines your ways, and your ideas do the same. Blue, black, green, yellow, gray. Colors which most can see, but only some can say. Sometimes at your lowest, and sometimes up so high, the appearance may be the same and you will always wonder why.  The outside is just a design there to set you apart. The things in life that truly matter come from deep within your soul and run wildly through your heart.

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