Is this the feeling to have achieved? Strangely combined with sensations of being relieved.  This weight brushing off my shoulder is a powerful feeling of ecstasy. Through achieving, they say you have done, but you have to ask yourself what have you won?  Did you gain a new friend, or did you simply start a new beginning towards an unknown end? We never truly know, we are creatures of habit and are always go, go go.  Always on the run, always on the fly, constantly in search for the newest high. Sometimes stuck and caught in a groove, but why are you not chasing anything new?

Always look forward

Always look forward and ask yourself why?  What will I achieve today? What color will I paint the sky? Blue, orange, black, or green. Maybe a shade somewhere in-between. The pretty colors which paint the world, the mesmerizing eyes of your dream girl.  Spread your colors, and spread them strong today. Come back home, and tell me how you have achieved your new ways.

Below I achieved water skiing after multiple summers of trying.  Boy that day was a good one!

Let me know what you achieved today in the comments 🙂 

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