Weekly Word – Most


I’ve done most things in a way that I like.  We all make mistakes, which start when we are just little tikes (tiny humans).  If one way does not work, then you better try another. Never be afraid to ask for help.  We are all sisters and brothers. I’ve learned some things in this world, but not most of them on my own.  I have learned by the teachings of others, and the writings in songs and poems. I didn’t stand on the sidelines and watch others try and fail.  I took a try at some things, lessons were discovered, and others were just tales.

There is always another way to do something

Some of them I mastered, and some of them not so much. I said these were failures, but in reality, they just needed a different touch.  A different touch, or a different angle. Be like Jenny and Forrest. She taught him how to swing, and he taught her how to dangle.

Take a chance at something new.

Most things are out there for you, some just waiting to be found. You need to open the right doors, and listen for the right sounds.  Follow what you know, and don’t be afraid of what is new. We say things are always changing but most of the time it’s just you.

Most of us are growing, changing, and finding new things. Share a smile with a stranger and you will make their heart sing.

Keep on going and you’ll find your way.


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