More of me, and more of you.  Sometimes false but always true.  I drink my coffee in the morning light, while I sit back, and enjoy the gift of sight.  Out the window and through the trees. Do you see the wind blowing, do you feel that breeze?

Both eyes working, and my heart has found its rhythm. If Elvis knocked on my door, I’d go for a walk with him.  Enter the unknown, explore where he’s been. Follow no direction, explore the pathways within. Listen to yourself, because you know what to do.  Love comes in all sizes, shapes, and hues. More ways to go, and more ways to be. So many choices, won’t you run away with me?

Run far, and run wide.  Don’t from yourself, don’t even try. Embrace what you have and love what you have been given. The more you want, the less you’ll be livin’.

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