Me, myself, and I

Me, myself, and I.  You, yourself, and you.  At the end of the day, this is what we have to make it through.  I keep finding myself asking for more.  Looking for answers behind every door.  I sometimes question if I have opened too many doors at once? What is it I am looking for?  When I find it will I know, or will it disappear into the deep unknown mystery of my mind. Our minds are like the ocean.  They hold unknown wonders not yet discovered. How deep are you willing to swim to find out what you are capable of? I have only just began my descending journey into the deep abyss.    Only ten meters down, and look at all the songs I have found. Ten more to go, will 30 more songs show? Who knows. The answer is to keep swimming. Keep searching for new ways to portray the contents of your mind.  The deeper you dive into the darkness, the brighter you will shine. Take it or leave it, this is just my opinion on how to achieve it. What is it? I do not know, but when you find it, this question of “what is it” will quickly go. Me, myself, and I.  You, yourself, and you. Discover yourself, and you will make it through.  You will make it through.

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