Discovered I was.  Flabbergasted I became.  When I am back home, diesels run this train. In-between flummoxed and famished, confusion slowly sets in.  I have finally found what I need, by searching deep within.  Deep inside my depths, I discombobulate my brain.  I keep searching for answers, while I swim through happiness and pain.  Another reason, another wander. At which rock did you come fromunda?

It doesn’t matter where you come from, we all make friends along the way.  If a person doesn’t like bacon, then I don’t know what to say.  Incredulous you are, in the ways you make me feel.  The taste of bacon does wonders, but Sarmale hits me in the feels.  It hits me in the belly, one of many places where I grow.  I’ve been back in America for a month, I’m curious where it shows.  

Growing and flying, like a balloon exploring the sky.  Some may say that’s coolio, that words existence, I sometimes ponder why.  Lurking like an alligator as it searches for its prey.  Don’t focus on tomorrow, you gotta love today.  Days come, and days go. Heal up and let your scars show.  Do not patch it up and hide behind your lines, be proud of where you came from, we are all so divine.

Thanks for all the words in which you kindly gave to me, now strap on a smile, and let your soul roam free.

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