Weekly Word – Around


I’ll be around, if you ask me where I am.  I may not be within arms reach, but close to you I stand.  Around here, and around there. Find me in the direction the wind blows my hair.  Around the corner and around the bend. Come around, and maybe I will sing that song again.  I’ve been around for a while, and I’ve been here for so long. More words to put on paper, and more chords to make more songs.

Feelings always wandering, mind is always pondering

Feelings always wandering, and the thoughts lingering around. Get those feelings out on paper and spread the love all around.  A song for all these feelings, and the places I have been.  The people I have met, you know I will see you again.

The places I have been, and the people I’ve known.

We took many adventures, some into the deep unknown. Times are always happening, and change is always around.  Embrace change with a smile and don’t let it get you turned around. I’ll be around you, and you’ll be around me. Take a long look at the sky and tell me what you see.


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