Sure, I can try that again. If not now, when? Our first tries are never truly perfect though sometimes they may be. We do things again and again, but in the end, who do we please?Working for him and working for her. It’s always “do it again” when they really mean “do it better” We try, try, and try again. We never seem to be pleased until we are at the end. It’s funny how that goes, we forget the ride along the way. Why is the light at the end of the tunnel, and not halfway.

I’m looking in the wind if you wonder where I stare.

No one needs a light after the job has been done, we need a refresher halfway through, while our minds are on the run. Something to pick us up, and something to keep us going. I can feel it again, that wind sure is a blowing. Sometimes it blows my way, others it does not. One day it blew so hard, I thought I’d been shot. It will try to knock you off your feet, but do not let it succeed.

I feel that wind a blowin’ blowin’ through my hair.

If you let the wind win, you’ll end up in the weeds. You’ll dig yourself out of that hole, the one you are in again, just to make it halfway and wonder where that light went. The light that you put there to show yourself the way. Slow down and do things once, leave again for yesterday.

I wrote the weekly word and next week I’ll do it again.

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