Weekly Word – Been

The places I have been and the places I will go. Some of these places are on both lists, and others are unknown. The places you have been, oh how much have they changed? If you returned to a place that you had once been, would the 20 year gap feel strange? Buildings going up, […]

Weekly Word – Passed

Passed. When time has passed, what was once now has become the past. A word with multiple meanings, some more relevant than others. I passed the time doing this and thought about the past while doing that. The days I spend in the kitchen…..Thyme is passed. Things have passed me up, and things have passed […]

Weekly Word – Again

Sure, I can try that again. If not now, when? Our first tries are never truly perfect though sometimes they may be. We do things again and again, but in the end, who do we please?

Weekly Word – More

More of me, and more of you.  Sometimes false but always true.  I drink my coffee in the morning light, while I sit back, and enjoy the gift of sight.  Out the window and through the trees. Do you see the wind blowing, do you feel that breeze? Both eyes working, and my heart has […]

Weekly Word – Discovered

Discovered I was.  Flabbergasted I became.  When I am back home, diesels run this train. In-between flummoxed and famished, confusion slowly sets in.  I have finally found what I need, by searching deep within.  Deep inside my depths, I discombobulate my brain.  I keep searching for answers, while I swim through happiness and pain.  Another […]

Weekly Word – Most

 ’ve done most things in a way that I like.  We all make mistakes, which start when we are just little tikes (tiny humans).  If one way does not work, then you better try another. Never be afraid to ask for help.  We are all sisters and brothers. I’ve learned some things in this world, […]


[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Around. [/perfectpullquote] I’ll be around, if you ask me where I am.  I may not be within arms reach, but close to you I stand.  Around here, and around there. Find me in the direction the wind blows my hair.  Around the corner and around the bend. Come around, […]

Weekly Word – Habits & Commitment

Habits, we’ve all got them.  Some good and some bad. Habits always get repeated, and can be happy or sad.  I have a habit of doing things I can’t quite explain. A habit of wandering so much I’ve lost what keeps me sane.  During this time I wander, and ponder so far away. Gone for […]

Weekly Word – Nicknames & After

Nicknames. We’ve all got them.  What might yours be?  Nicknames.  We’ve all got them, mine was once Chewy (true story).  A way of disguising and a way of being.  The name may be different, but it’s still the same person you are seeing.  Same eyes, and the same hair.  Same passions and the same cares.  […]

Weekly Word – Extra

This weeks word came from a billboard on the way to work.  They were promoting something extra and I was like man, we don’t need extra of anything but love!  Extra, Extra read all about it, it’s the weekly word, and Ima gonna shout it (actually I’ll just type it!) Extra this, and extra that.  […]