My first directed session. What could go wrong?!

I booked my first gig with a national brand and production company! I was hired through my agent to voice some spots for Durex Condoms with Vice Media. I was beyond ecstatic when I saw the email from Brandon telling me I booked the job. I jumped, laughed, smiled, and heck I almost cried. I […]

My first paying job as a voice actor in America.

The first time I got paid to talk to myself in a padded room…..ah what a memory….At this point in time, it wasn’t even a padded room, it was PVC pipe covered with moving blankets! Fancy, I know. Words can’t explain how excited I was when I booked my first paying job in the voiceover […]

My first paying voice acting job in Europe. Be able to take direction.

The first time I was ever paid as a voice actor in my entire life was in Bucharest, Romania. My buddy Maikel tagged me in a facebook that was looking for an english speaking voice talent in Bucharest. During this time I was under going my coaching with Terry Daniel, and was getting ready to […]

Why did I pursue a voice acting career?

There are many reasons why I am on the path of becoming a full time voice actor. The main and most important reason I chose this path is because when I am in the booth using my voice to bring an idea to life, I am happy. It makes my soul smile. I can trace […]