Twenty Days in Tanzania Day 2:

Part 2: The Marangu Village: The Maasai / Chaga quarrel After enjoying the scenes of the waterfall in the village and getting a taste of what it was like to live in this region, we took a trip back in time. We we’re off to an area of Moshi that was once a battle ground […]

The Roof Of Africa

The Roof of Africa By: Michael Blakey I have left my cell phone behind. The most advanced technology I have is a flashlight. The language is Swahili. The continent is Africa. The country is Tanzania, and the mission is simple; climb to the top. Six days up, 2 days down. The first known person to […]

Twenty days in Tanzania – Day 1

“Sambusa, Simba Pub, and Kili Beer”
Time to lace up your boots and take a walk in my shoes as they stomp through Tanzania, Africa.