Berlin Germany 2018. Music, food, doobies, and dancing.

As I have grown older, I have become more reliant on technology.  When my phone did not work in Berlin, I was so damn happy.  As most reading this know, I am originally from America, and the thought of finding a flight to another part of the US for under $100 is a very far fetched […]

Post Gig Ponder – Londohome – Bucharest, RO

Londohome – June 22, 2019.   Tequila shots.  Sweaty dancing.  Chevy El Dorados.  Smiles.  Sunrises.  What more do you need? I can’t party like I used to, but I still try! When Mitchell brought me those two shots of Tequila, I knew the night was going stretch well into the wee morning hours, and by […]

Business with Estonians and Busking with The Irish

Busking will always beat business! I came for business meetings with the Estonians, and stayed for busking adventures with the Irish.  This weekend in Barcelona transpired into a greatness that I could have never foreseen.  I have only been to Barcelona twice in my life, and I have fallen in love with it both times.  […]

Post Gig Ponder – Bucharest & Buzau

The lights were on and my contacts were still in my eyes when I woke up from my deep drunken sleep.  Last night turned into a much longer night than I had expected!  Craft beers sure can-do wonders for those hidden party hairs that only come out during the full moon hours.  I expected to […]

Post Gig Ponder – Jazz in the Street Festival – Cluj

In just 48 hours, I accomplished a lot.  Two airplanes, flown.  Twenty beers drank.  Two ciorbe (soups) eaten.  Countless amounts of amazing musicians and artists, seen and met.  No, I didn’t actually fly a plane!  Jazz in the Street was such an amazing festival and it was the first time I was able to experience […]

Post Gig Ponder- Craft si Draft – Bucharest, Romania

The mission is underway. My ransackables (definitely not a word) have been ransacked, and I am through security at Bucharest airport.  Next stop is Cluj, Romanian.  I am playing my first ever music festival – Jazz in the Street.  For some reason, the harmonicas always raise a red flag at the airport.  I guess they […]

#Postgigponders – Absintheria Sixtina

What a night this was! Absinth, beers, friends, and an unexpected beat-boxing machine of a human named Alin.  This gig went way more incredible than I could have ever imagined. The sound check went so well, and my voice had warmed up from the massive green tea I had drank from Starbucks.  I was ready […]

Boogie Bar – Bucharest

It is 11:49 am on Sunday September 16th.  I have not been this hung-over in an extremely long time.  My head is pounding!  I know I am not alone in this battle though; I have some fellow comrades feeling the same way.   The boys I speak of are my two beer drinking Dutch mates who […]