Behind The Lyrics – Juu Ya Mawingu – Verse 1

Back in the real world, where have I been? Back in the land with all the power and sin. 4 airports, 30 hours, and the realization that I was officially back in the real world.  Looking at this song lyrically, it is probably the longest verse I have ever written in terms of word count.  […]

Behind The Lyrics – Verse 1 – Prisoner of Freedom

I am a prisoner of the person that I want to be. Prisoner of my own ways.  Won’t you set me free. Prisoner of freedom, I stay here by choice.  Prisoner of our own minds, all the girls and boys. Is it possible to be simultaneously filled with motivation, excitement, and doubt?  I didn’t think […]

Behind The Lyrics – Free Man’s Road – Verse 3

I’ve told you before and I’ll say it again.  Do not even doubt yourself follow feelings within.  This may cause pain, and happiness may drain Where am I now?  What emotions am I experiencing?  Stay tuned to find out, or stop reading and completely crush my soul.  Your choice.  I’ll tell ya this much;  It […]

#BehindTheLyrics – Free Man’s Road – Verse 2

Taking the same path yet again I’ve returned.  This time with a passion, and a willing to learn. At this point, I am comfortably leaned up against a light post next to a bar where I will soon enjoy my “Victory Beer” so to say.  I call this a victory beer because each new song written, […]

#BehindTheLyrics – “Free Man’s Road” Verse 1

Free Man’s Road I’m travelling down a road once travelled before.  Am I becoming less ,or am I becoming more. Once is not enough, twice may be too much.  Are answers just opinions in yourself you must trust. Summer 2016, the weather is hot and humid, I’m hungover, I have no map, and I am […]