#Postgigponders – Absintheria Sixtina

What a night this was!

Absinth, beers, friends, and an unexpected beat-boxing machine of a human named Alin.  This gig went way more incredible than I could have ever imagined. The sound check went so well, and my voice had warmed up from the massive green tea I had drank from Starbucks.  I was ready to rock as I began to open with my cover of Queen of California by John Mayer, but as soon as I started playing, it turned into feedback city and a complete mess with the sound. My nerves had skyrocketed and I slightly panicked, but also made the crowd laugh a bit at the situation even though internally I was thinking “shit,shit, shit, shit, shit!”

I overcame the mess with the sound after a few twists and turns of some knobs and decided to skip the ol” Johnny Mayer cover and move directly into a song of my own that was much more upbeat and positive. I thought I had lost the crowd after the technical problems when in relaity, no one probably really gave a shit. I know they saw how nervous I got, so I had to come at them with a strong song.  I hit them with my song “Something or Someone” which is a progressive blues in A with the capo on 2 (guitar players ref).

I had been partying pretty hard the past two nights.  I saw one sunrise. Friday I went out with some friends and did not go to sleep until about 5:30 am.  We all ended up back at my apartment drinking shitty whiskey and singing songs til the wee morning hours, oh I am sure my neighbors hated me.  I sadly skipped exercising and my vocal lesson Saturday morning since my throat had hurt so bad from the night before. I took the day and recovered with some good ol fashion laziness followed by food, and eventually my breathing / singing exercises.  This trend of being good to my body with healthy food and vocal training did not last long.

I quickly convinced myself to throw together an outfit which consisted of purple suspenders, a short sleeve white button up, and an orange bow tie. The theme of this party was “Oktogafest.”  The previously mentioned clothes were the closest things I had to something that look traditionally German, while in reality I looked like the trumpet player for a ska band. I actually just bought a trumpet and have no clue how to play it. Time to take lessons!

Ok, I derailed there for a moment.  Back to Absintheria. I played two songs on my own, and was then joined by a colleage of mine, Alin.  Alin told me he was a beatboxer. I didn’t think much of it until he literally turned his mouth into a pearl drum kit and a synth at the same time.  I was blow away with the sounds this man could make. We had never jammed until this night, but we were able to play almost an entire set together, it was truly beautiful.

He turned my loop pedal acoustic set into something that felt like a full band experience.When the crowd gets into it you really start to feel something else.  From my original music, to mashups of certain songs ,and jam sessions; We really clicked on a musical level.  I looked out to the crowd of about 15-20 people, and saw them rocking their heads and tapping their toes. When the crowd gets into it, you really start to feel something else, it is hard to explain. These are the moments I live for.  Man, I love music! I am not done with this post, but I am going to sleep now. I’ll finish this tomorrow evening.

I just woke up and it’s 7:24 am.  I leave in 6 minutes for crossfit.  Two of my newest friends, Kate and bad influence (I mean Teresa) told me they would be my groupies going forward 🙂  They are some damn cool ladies! For the record they told me this last night at the gig! There was a point during the gig where Alin and I did a free-style jazzy jam which turned into a funky
cover of a song called funk #49, which then eventually flowed into a mashup of “Hit the road Jack”.

Playing music by yourself is quite fun and easy because you do not have to organize others, but incredible things can happen when someones creativity rubs off on you, it’s truly amazing. One other cool thing Alin and I did during the set was an original song of mine called “Decisions” which turned into “What I got” by sublime near the end.  I normally stay away from covers with the exception of one or two during an hour set, but this one just felt right. The crowd was jammin and I didn’t wanna stop playing. I sang the first thing that came to mind which worked with the chord progression we had. Shotgun decisions are the best, unless they get you in trouble, then they are debatable 😉

After about three absinth drinks and two beers I was done, it was time for me to go home.  I packed my gear and walked back home. Hope you enjoyed this session of my post gig ponders.


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