Post Gig Ponder – Londohome – Bucharest, RO

Londohome – June 22, 2019.   Tequila shots.  Sweaty dancing.  Chevy El Dorados.  Smiles.  Sunrises.  What more do you need?

I can’t party like I used to, but I still try!

When Mitchell brought me those two shots of Tequila, I knew the night was going stretch well into the wee morning hours, and by golly I was right.  A night full of laughs, singing, tequila, beer, dancing, and even more beer 🙂 It sure has been a while since I partied like that. My old bones can barely take it anymore!  I now realize why I do not do this too often, and that is because in this current moment (two days later), I have a terrible cold and I feel like I’m dying. I partied my immune system into shut-down mode.  Oh well, shit happens, and today is another day! I’m still alive….allagedly 🙂

When we arrived home that evening, the birds were chirping and the sun began to shine.  It was another early morning hour drinking whiskey and wine. That previous line was a lyric from a song of mine called “Smile.”  Neither whiskey nor wine was drank this evening, but that was a lovely spot for that lyric to fit, so I tossed it in there. Hope ya like it 😉  Before diving deeper into the lovely events of June 22, 2019, I’d like to thank everyone that came out and supported me. I have some damn good friends here in Bucharest, and boy do I sure love and cherish the hell out of all of you 🙂  Without my friends and loved ones in my life, I would not have such great inspiration to write songs that make me happy. I got a little emotional there….I have to save some juicy emotional details for later eh? Gonna try n switch gears 😉  Slingshot, engage.A sunrise kind of morning, is my kind of night.

This gig was very special for me for many reasons.  It was my first gig in almost 5 months, and I had new material which was ready to be tested in front of an audience.  I didn’t want to perform for a while, because I noticed I wasn’t writing much when I had the pressure of playing so many gigs.  These new songs flowed out of my so naturally, and came from nothing but good times.

The man, the myth, the legend.  Chuck Hubbard

During this gig, I also had the honor of being joined on stage by an extremely talented, and very accomplished banjo player named Chuck Hubbard.  I met Chuck on Tinder. It was just meant to be. Just kidding, it was grinder. Kidding again. It was facebook, and that is actually the truth. I heard of him through a mutual friend named Dean.  I eventually grew up the courage to say “Hey man, wanna jam”, and the rest is history, just like the Chevy El Dorado. Thanks, Dean for informing me of Chucks existence. One question though Dean; Where were you on June 22, 2019?  Unless you had on your invisible cape, you were not at the Londohome The facebook marked you as going. You have some explaining to do my English friend 🙂 Ok enough bashing the friends I just talked up 🙂

I had just gotten my hair cut the previous day, and I wanted to look snazzy for this concert, so I decided I was going to buy some new threads to wear.  I am capable of clothes shopping for myself, as I am a big boy 🙂 but when given the opportunity to go to the mall with a lady, I hop on that train like a redneck hops on a tractor, or their sister (pending which state said redneck lives in).  Oh, I am sure some people back home hate me now haha. After a quick trip to the mall I walked out with some lovely new maroon shorts, and an off white collared button up with, red, pink, silver, maroon and other colored flowers. Thanks to the lovely Lucia for picking out these lovely threads.  I looked good if I don’t say so myself. I’m a sharp dressed man.  Sometimes.

Now that I had my wardrobe, it was time to go write my setlist, pack up all my gear, put on my new snazzy clothes, and get my booty to the venue for a quick sound check, and maybe a pre-gig brewski!  The pride parade was that day and I wanted to support all my LGBT homies by participating, but did not get the chance to because I had to sound check etc. Shoutout to all my LGBT homies – “Be yourself, be nobody else, be the person you want to be.”  Moving onward.

I called the uber from my apartment because that is how rockstars get to gigs these days.  Just kidding, I am no rock star.  Immediately after stepping outside with all my gear, I began pouring sweat and that pre gig beer was sounding more and more appetizing.  After arriving at the bar and unloading, I approached the bar in hopes of finding the delicious elixir of a beer Known as “Sencha” Sencha is a Japanese tea beer, and it is damn delicious, but sadly the bar stopped carrying it, so the pre gig beer was a dream of the past and  I kept on with my high quality H20 to keep me hydrated. After a long sound check and a crash course in digital mixing (thanks Chuck), the regular crowd began to shuffle in and take their places in front of the stage. I took a few sips of cider, had a couple bites of pizza pie, and the next thing I knew I was singing songs to all my friends.  Time for the nerves to kick in!

Sweaty Ubers.  Pre gig Beers and Pizza.

I don’t think anyone noticed (including the banjo man, Chuck), but I messed up the second song horribly in the beginning.  There was a brief moment where my mind completely blanked and I forgot everything that happened in that song. I forgot the chords, the words, everything.  Luckily my fingers landed on a C chord which is in the song, but I was supposed to be on a G or a D at that moment, I am not sure. Either way, after a few moments of “what the fuck” is going on here, I finally landed back in the right position and we were off on a good foot for the rest of the show.  Other than that, there were no major flaws from what I could hear (others may say different!)  I got nerves, they’re multiplying.

I kept on cooking through my set, and boy it sure was fun to finally play all these songs for all my friends.  Most of my songs were inspired by folks in the room and fun times we’ve had, so I naturally dedicated the songs to those folks when introducing them.  However, the song which will either be named “Make Love Special” or “Made in China” was dedicated to my lovely girlfriend Luci, but I don’t think I said her name during the introduction of the song.  My bad baby 😉 I am pretty sure I stumbled through some words dedicating it to a special lady in the crowd where I then proceeded to awkwardly point with my sweaty guitar pic finger into her general direction haha.  The things nerves make me do, I tell ya what! But anyway that song was dedicated to a lovely lady named Lucia, you rock! China!

In goes the tequila and out comes the shenanigans!

Moving on to where the night changed gears very very quickly,at the turn of the tequila!  I took a picture of my setlist and posted it onto the instagram stories. I did not know it would be used against me 🙂 I made some tip jars from hats, cardboard, and paper / pen with signs that read “Studio time and strings”, “tequila & beer”, and “more tequila & beer.”  The last song of my setlist was dedicated to my good buddy Mitchell. Just kidding he is a terrible friend 😉 The song is titled Mithell and I missed the train. Long story short, Mitchell and I got real drunk at Londohome and missed our train to the mountains the next morning.  Simple as that. I luckily lived to tell the tale. He surprised me with beer and tequila next to the beer and tequila tip jar, and that my friends was the turning point of the evening. The tequila rocket fuel entered the body and my dancing shoes were fully strapped on from that point forward!

With my dancing shoes fully engaged, we stayed out dancing, singing, and having fun until about 5am.  On a side note, I did not drink before the gig, but I put down about 6 drinks after playing, and for my 30 year old self, that is quite a lot.  I know if any of my friends back home read and made it this far, they will think “Wow Blakey, you are weak.” I will respond with a “yes, yes I am :)”  I think throughout the entire night, I had close to 10 drinks, and I was feeling quite nice! As I mentioned earlier, I drank myself into the flu, which will hopefully subside soon.  Like I say in the song about missing the train with Mitchell; “Late nights long laughs, smile along the way. Short days, short hours, not here forever but for now I’ll stay.

Early morning hours drinking whiskey and wine.

Thank you all so much for coming out.  I hope you enjoyed yourselves. Until next time 🙂

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