New Single Out March 4th!

Click ‘STREAM’  on March 4th to hear my first single – “Smile while you’re Livin” on your favorite streaming platforms.

Click ‘DOWNLOAD’  on March 4th to buy the music directly from me and donate to a good cause.

5% of proceeds will be donated to RefuShe. Click the logo to learn about their org and why I want to help.

This album would not have been possible without the following people:

  • Vlad Stoicescu – Mix and Master engineer
  • Bogdan Green- Drums and mix / master engineer)
  • Mircea Steriu – Electric Guitar
  • Cosmin Farcas – Keys / Piano
  • Chuckk Hubbard – Banjo
  • John Brogger – Album Art

About Michael

Hey Friends. Michael Blakey here. I’m a songwriter, extrovert, and all around pretty simple fella from Missouri.

Bringing people together for laughter and music is what makes my soul shine.

I try to find the good in all situations and “always look on the bright side of life.” You should have sang that last line. If not, google it and enjoy 🙂

Songwriting is essentially my therapy. It is a journey in which I work through a problem or fear, relive a past journey or memory, or even build a reality in my mind to escape from the so called real world. 

Thanks for reading my bio. I hope you find joy, comfort, and happiness in my music.  Click the free song button above to join the team of Blakesters and get a free tune. 

Looking forward to meeting ya.  – Peace N Love –  Blakey

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