Music Review - Luke and The Lonely - "My Secret Room" -

Music Review – Luke and The Lonely – “My Secret Room”


Tasty guitar riffs, punchy bass, sexy drums.  A recipe for musical finger butter.

My head began to bob and my toes began to tap.  Before I knew it, I was on my feet swinging my hips from side to side.  My Secret Room by Luke and The Lonely is a groovy foot tapping tune with a beautiful love story to tell.  The opening tasty guitar lick which sounds like it is somewhere near the 7th fret (maybe!) put me into an alternative mode, but I was quickly given a taste of old school rock n roll filled with smooth chord changes, impressive drum fills, and sexy sounding bass line that packed a punch.  The guitar Transitions from basic major minor chords into jazzy sounding diminished chord types which creates a very unique atmosphere.  After about 5 seconds of finger butter on the electric guitar (yes I said finger butter),  all the other instruments decided to join in.  The structure is very nice and pleases the ears.  It has a verse chorus / verse chorus feel but it isn’t all cookie cutter.  The pauses, drum fills, and bridge were placed nicely and kept me on my toes, but also kept my hips bouncing.


There is no one else that can please me like I please myself.

A song with not one voice, but two.  The song is about love and it takes two to tango they say.   The message of the song is truly beautiful.  Everyone is posting about loving yourself, but not many are singing about it.  “There is no one else that can please me like I please myself:”  There couldn’t be any more truth to this line.  We are always searching for more out of life, but we must remember we find this in ourselves, not others.  It sounds like Luke and the Lonely have figured that out.   Lucky for them.  Like I said, it take two to tango.  The song begins with the female vocal telling her side of the love affair, and is shortly answered by the male in what I will call “verse 2.”  There is a short back and forth between the two voices which allows you to really paint a picture of two people living together who just both feel they need some space but are not saying it aloud.  Leaving the words aside, the voices are very beautiful and soft.  It brought me the feeling of laying in bed by myself cuddling with that second pillow that goes between the legs.  You all know which pillow I’m taking about.  By the end of the song, the vocals have come together and are both spreading the same message via the chorus melody.


A great tune that should be heard from finish to end many times.  The perfect Jazzy rock mixture.

The Jazzy love story of loving yourself, and doing so in your own little secret room.  Such a powerful and true message that will always hold truth.  The underlying message I got out of this song is you can not search for all of your desires in another human being.   I said it before, and I will say it again, happiness is always going to be found within someone else, but complete blissful happiness and self worth is found from within your own self.   In my opinion, one of the coolest aspects of the song is when the vocals come together to create some delicious harmonies near the end.  It’s like the glue of the song.  I know the drummer is thinking “Mike I am the glue!”  Yes, yes you are but this is the glue with an attitude 🙂  Verse 1 is primarily the female voice, and verse two is kicked off by a male vocal which is soon answered by the female;  This lets you know that they will be in full force together at some point.  The combination of jazz and love create a unique vibe that will put you in a dancing mood, make you crave love, and also make you crave solidarity.

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