Dangers they are lurking.  Dangers are around. The danger that exists in this world seldom makes a sound.  Disguised as a friend, but truly a foe. Know the dangers that exist before you go.  I’m back on this familiar plane where I see no new dangers and no new pain. Past dangers have disappeared.  I have learned to look at them in new way, staring those dangers direct in the face. Does danger have a face?  Does danger even have a name? Whatever its form, you must treat it the same. Dangers of living, and dangers of dying.  Dangers of loving which can lead to crying. They come together and we always ask why. The dangers faced are elements that shape you.  It may take time, but you will see them through. Take a step back and look through a new lens. These dangers are doors to your new beginnings and will never be the end.

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