Behind The Lyrics – Free Man’s Road – Verse 3

I’ve told you before and I’ll say it again.  Do not even doubt yourself follow feelings within.  This may cause pain, and happiness may drain

Where am I now?  What emotions am I experiencing?  Stay tuned to find out, or stop reading and completely crush my soul.  Your choice.  I’ll tell ya this much;  It is still extremely humid outside, I am still hungover, and yes I am still in Serbia (I hope, or I have discovered teleportation, and could be rich!).

 Feelings are alway endless with a wandering mind.  Analyzing this moment now, 3 years after “Free Man’s Road” was written, it seems I began to slightly doubt the life lesson I taught myself in verse two.  My mind began to wander away, but the words kept flowing.  I am trying to convince myself to keep riding this high, and to find a way to spill this third verse from my soul to the paper. That paper was actually the notes section of a green iPhone 4S.  Thank you Mood Media.  I will bash technology in a later segment, as on this day, it saved me.  Luckily, I defeated this feeling of doubt and made my way to the victory beer.  Not all decisions have a fairy tale outcome like the movies; We are forced to make decisions that we do not like, sometimes ones we don’t even understand.

It’s time to find a new road and go down it again.  Because a road once travelled should be travelled once more.

If a decision does not have a fairy tale outcome, does that mean it was the wrong decision?  The obvious answer to that question is most definitely yes. Just kidding, obviously the answer is hell yes, and by hell yes, I mean NO!  In my opinion, there are no true wrong decisions, unless you know the outcome is going to be negative in advance.  An unsure decision made may feel dead wrong, but in time, the right will begin to shine through like a cool crisp sunrise kissing the morning trees.

Going down the second time opens new doors.  New things may appear and the old may not be clear.  Keep on going and let go of all your fears.

 It is apparent that a road once traveled should be traveled once more. If I hadn’t traveled down this same road twice, this song would not have been born.  This inspiration did not hit me on my first pass, a new door was opened as I strolled by this familiar graffiti wall decorated with what I will call, “A Gangster Rat”.  Let the present hit you, allow the future to await you, and never let the past become you.  

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