#BehindTheLyrics – Free Man’s Road – Verse 2

Taking the same path yet again I’ve returned.  This time with a passion, and a willing to learn.

At this point, I am comfortably leaned up against a light post next to a bar where I will soon enjoy my “Victory Beer” so to say.  I call this a victory beer because each new song written, is a win in my book.  No matter where the inspiration comes from, it is always good to get any and all thoughts out on paper. I’m taking the same path yet again I have returned is a very literal lyric inspired by me walking down the same street twice.  I know most reading this are not shocked that I got lost and happened to go down the same street. Typical Blakey.  If I wouldn’t have gotten lost, this song never would have been possible.  This wasn’t just a realization of me walking down the same street, but I was subconsciously thinking of me revisiting thoughts and ideas from my past with a new vision.  I was looking at them with a passion and a willing to learn.  Tackling my old ideas in new ways, so to say.

Make some new friends, maybe some old. People that will change me and make me grow.]

This moment is a prime example of me riding a high which took me to an extremely positive place resulting in a line for one of my favorite songs.  Writing is very weird, because when you feel it, you just feel it and that is it.  Time takes care of the rest.  I was excited about where I was and what I was doing, these are the moments you must capture.  You are going to meet many people in your life, learn as much as you can from them, and always keep an open mind. Don’t be afraid to learn new ideas and concepts that will develop you as a person. From day 1, your life is an empty notebook, do your best to fill it with your wildest dreams, craziest experiences, and as much knowledge as possible.  Do not repeat too much. I am not saying that you should never do the same thing twice or feel the same way about a certain thing because that is what sometimes defines us, our routines. Rather than becoming a prisoner of routine, become the master of your development.  

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