#behindthelyrics – The World Needs Love – Verse 1

I remember this day pretty clearly for the most part.  I at least recall the room I was sitting in when the inspiration struck me.  I sat quietly in the bland corporate apartments across the street from my office.  If my boss ever reads this, I’m sure he’ll think “Hey asshole, I decorated the place with lovely IKEA goodies!”  This period of time was very interesting for me. 

Inspiration struck me

I was just discovering my voice and had started writing a lot more music due to the fact I had just crossed the ocean in a big metal box with wings.  Travelling to my first country was not the only thing that sparked this song. The world has always been a crazy place, but it seems to have gotten crazier due to the amount of information available at our fingertips.  If something happens on the other side of the world, I will know instantly, if I am looking in the right places.  It’s crazy.

What would you say if you came into the world today?  What would you think of all the people you would see?  If a being from a different dimension that existed in a galaxy with no war, no fighting, no guns, and no evil came into the planet Earth today with a mind capable of processing everything around it, what would that being think?  We all know this being would question everything, if it didn’t spontaneously combust from complete shock. We live in a world where people are being ran

You gotta remember, we are all refuegees

out of their homes, and are fleeing their own countries to stay alive. Not only is this a sad truth, but the sadder truth is that other humans on this earth are turning those people away from their countries. Shooting fighting, caring about religion.  You gotta remember, we are all refugees.  I am not here to be political, I suck at politics.  Trust me. If you don’t trust me yet, then ask any one who even slightly knows me, they will be back me up on this one 10000%.  Politics is not my strong suit, I just want to see the people of the world treat each other better on a daily basis, and some of the things I see bring a tear to my eye.  Beyond religion and war, there is a constant struggle for basic human rights, equality among men and women, and racism.  You may not be able to change the world, but  when confronted with a situation where you must either call out the wrong, or ignore the truth happening in front of you, I just want to know one thing.  Would you join the fight, or would you join the cry?  Are you going to be part of the problem or part of the solution?

We are all put into many situations that can change the world.  It may just be the world around us, but the domino effect is real.  Spread some good and see how far it goes.  You have to remember that words are a powerful thing. They should not be tossed around lightly and you should choose them wisely.  You have to put yourself in another persons shoes and ask yourself; How would I want to be treated in this situation?

Which side would you choose and would you tell me why?

Unless you dislike yourself and enjoy being hurt, then most likely that answer is going to be a positive one which will flow in your favor.  Which side would you choose and would you tell me why?  In my opinion, there are two kinds of people in this world – good and bad with very little gray areas.  Either you have good intentions, or bad ones.  It’s a fine line that we all walk daily.  Try and fall on the good side if you do find yourself looking for your feet along the way.  Remember.  The World Needs Love.  Share what you can.

Verse 1

What would you say if you came into the world today?

What would you think of all the people you would see? 

Shooting, fighting, caring about religion.  Gotta remember we are all refugees. 

Would you join the fight or would you join the cry. Which side would you choose an would you tell me why?  

The world needs love and the world needs you. Spread it around all the people through and through 

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