Weekly Word – Valleys

Valleys high and valleys low.  Up and down.  Which direction?  We never know.  Landscapes are always changing, and minds are always racing.  Try to keep your thoughts at bay, but inside they are always pacing.  Moving up, down, left, and right.  Will I make a decision, will it be tonight?  We keep pushing through and fighting […]

Weekly Word – Been

The places I have been and the places I will go. Some of these places are on both lists, and others are unknown. The places you have been, oh how much have they changed? If you returned to a place that you had once been, would the 20 year gap feel strange? Buildings going up, […]

Weekly Word – Passed

Passed. When time has passed, what was once now has become the past. A word with multiple meanings, some more relevant than others. I passed the time doing this and thought about the past while doing that. The days I spend in the kitchen…..Thyme is passed. Things have passed me up, and things have passed […]

Behind The Lyrics – Juu Ya Mawingu – Verse 1

Back in the real world, where have I been? Back in the land with all the power and sin. 4 airports, 30 hours, and the realization that I was officially back in the real world.  Looking at this song lyrically, it is probably the longest verse I have ever written in terms of word count.  […]

Weekly Word – Either

Either this or that. Why must I always choose? No matter the decision I make, I will either win or lose. Winning and losing. It’s the way life always goes. You can learn from both outcomes, but the direction is always unknown. You only know where you’ve been and are unsure of where you’re going. […]

Berlin Germany 2018. Music, food, doobies, and dancing.

As I have grown older, I have become more reliant on technology.  When my phone did not work in Berlin, I was so damn happy.  As most reading this know, I am originally from America, and the thought of finding a flight to another part of the US for under $100 is a very far fetched […]

Twenty Days in Tanzania Day 2:

Part 2: The Marangu Village: The Maasai / Chaga quarrel After enjoying the scenes of the waterfall in the village and getting a taste of what it was like to live in this region, we took a trip back in time. We we’re off to an area of Moshi that was once a battle ground […]

The Roof Of Africa

The Roof of Africa By: Michael Blakey I have left my cell phone behind. The most advanced technology I have is a flashlight. The language is Swahili. The continent is Africa. The country is Tanzania, and the mission is simple; climb to the top. Six days up, 2 days down. The first known person to […]

My first directed session. What could go wrong?!

I booked my first gig with a national brand and production company! I was hired through my agent to voice some spots for Durex Condoms with Vice Media. I was beyond ecstatic when I saw the email from Brandon telling me I booked the job. I jumped, laughed, smiled, and heck I almost cried. I […]

My first paying job as a voice actor in America.

The first time I got paid to talk to myself in a padded room…..ah what a memory….At this point in time, it wasn’t even a padded room, it was PVC pipe covered with moving blankets! Fancy, I know. Words can’t explain how excited I was when I booked my first paying job in the voiceover […]