What is Mike up to nowadays?


Nowadays Mike wants to make a positive impact on the world through his music. Bringing people together for a big happy dance and to only see smiles for miles. Even though he would have liked to live in the 60’s, Mike knows we are living in a very powerful time: “I get so excited when I think about the fact that my music is able to be heard by the world with the click of a button”. Music and Poetry are an escape for when the world starts to feel too hectic and busy. “Without music, I am not sure what I would have as my savior when I am alone, I need music to get myself out of any funk.”

Mike say’s if he could choose one superpower it would be to speak all languages of the world. With this power, he could learn everyone’s story the way they know how to tell it. Until then, music is his preferred language for speaking to the world.

Mike loves to travel the world, soak up different cultures, and find out how people are living on this blue marble. Everyone has something to teach you, the only thing you must do is listen. He is also a big foodie and will eat just about anything. In the famous words of Bryan Kunkel “I’d eat the rear end of a skunk if it was cooked right.”

His travel experiences and love connections are a big inspiration in his songwriting. The two feelings combined create a unique song dynamic, which focus on living in the moment, while also chasing the past, loving in the present, and dreaming of the impossible.

Mike keeps a blog documenting his travels and song lyrics on If you want to know where he has been or what inspirations he is feeling lately, check it out!

Sunshine, Feel Rights, and Goodbyes

Currently, Mike is working on his first album, titled “Sunshine’s, Feel Right’s, and Goodbye’s”. The album is a journey through Mike’s past few years filled with love, travel, and feelings of being far from home.

Some of the proceeds of this album will be donated to communities and organizations active in the Fair-Trade Federation. These organizations focus their efforts on helping artists, women, and farmers in underdeveloped countries as well as the homeless in the USA, and the porters/mountain guides on Mount Kilimanjaro.

The album is set to release around Q1 2019.

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Peace and love!

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