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“Oh Janice, let him try! What’s the worst that could happen? His arm will straighten out?”


On March 20th, 1989 Michael Blakey, was born in St. Louis, Missouri

During his teenage years, while attending music class, he discovered the first sign of having a creative voice. “Can someone do an obnoxious giggle?” asked Miss Pittman, Mike couldn’t resist heeding the call and shortly after, received a round of applause from the rest of the class.

“What’s your favourite subject? Lunch”

Mike was one of those kids who would sit at timeout desks often and did not take his studies very seriously. If you asked what his favorite subject was, the answer would be “Lunch”, that changed over the years (not to dinner).

If you know him, he was more of a social student than an academical one, he made friends with anyone, anywhere, anytime. During his youth, his mom Janice, had the most influence on him. She was always there for him no matter what trouble he got up too. As he would say “Bless that woman.”


In high school, he developed the nickname of Chewy. One of his friends claimed he looked like a brother’s friend named Shoey. The name Shoey was tossed around Oakville Highschool for a few days before transpiring into Chewy; “Thanks, Ian, and rest in peace, my friend.”

Laketime, boating, water sports, family, friends fishing and beer.

During the summertime, Mike would spend his time at the lake with family and friends. We all know boating and water sports are big in Missouri, but neither of those is complete without some quality beer drinking. Mike did a lot of that, but not too much. On top of that, as kids, Mike and his cousins also spent time fishing for bluegill and catfish at Moberly, sometimes they even caught snapping turtles.


It’s a lie if Mike tells you that the scars and the small range of motion in his right arm were caused by snapping turtles or sharks. It makes for a great story but is not the truth. He often tells the shark tale to people he just meets, and they are quickly convinced (sometimes). One girl he dated still thinks he was bitten by a shark and calls him “Shark Bait.”

When Mike was born they had to do surgery on his right arm due to the presence of Myofibroma (benign tumor), which resulted with him only having a small range of motion in his right elbow along with minor finger restrictions. This didn’t stop him from learning how to play an instrument. The small range of motion put his arm in the perfect spot to be a guitar player. He says he was meant to be this way and would not want to have his right arm any other way. He also learned how to water ski and wake board despite his mom’s protest. His aunt would say “Oh Janice, let him try! What’s the worst that could happen? His arm will straighten out.

One of his childhood dreams was to become a professional baseball player. Mike still pitches a few balls every now and then just to get that childhood feeling again, but that dream has long since sailed.

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Journey into music

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