Boogie Bar – Bucharest

It is 11:49 am on Sunday September 16th.  I have not been this hung-over in an extremely long time.  My head is pounding!  I know I am not alone in this battle though; I have some fellow comrades feeling the same way.   The boys I speak of are my two beer drinking Dutch mates who […]


Leaves they have been changing.  My mind its sure been stranging. Am I going forward or are you coming from behind?  The leaves they are a falling, these words I am not calling. From the trees they drop and the rain comes from the sky. Leaves are pretty as a shade of green, we’re at […]

#BehindTheLyrics – “Free Man’s Road” Verse 1

Free Man’s Road [perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]I’m travelling down a road once travelled before.  Am I becoming less ,or am I becoming more. Once is not enough, twice may be too much.  Are answers just opinions in yourself you must trust.[/perfectpullquote] Summer 2016, the weather is hot and humid, I’m hungover, […]

Twenty days in Tanzania – Day 1

“Sambusa, Simba Pub, and Kili Beer”
Time to lace up your boots and take a walk in my shoes as they stomp through Tanzania, Africa.

Soul Freedom Lottery – Video

Be yourself, be nobody else.  Be the person that you wanna be.  Changing for nobody. It’s the Soul Freedom Lottery.  The game that you won because you know you’re alive.   Soul Freedom Lottery.  Now this song is probably one of the most feel good songs I have that has zero heart break and is […]